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Consistent with the University's mission, the primary objective of the School of Technology is to prepare students for a place in the expanding field of technology, and to inform students about technology effects on the structure and dynamics of business and industry.

One Professional Degree Programs

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Programs   Degree Semester Credit Requirements
Master of Arts in Computer Information Systems   36 (Beyond bachelor degree)



Master of Arts in Computer Information Systems

The Master of Arts in computer information systems degree is designed for qualified students who are preparing for careers as in information systems, and who desire to advance study in the management disciplines with a solid and extensive study of the design and development of information systems from both an administrative and a technical perspective.        

The following are the primary program learning outcomes. Upon successful program completion, you will be prepared to:

  1. Have comprehensive and professional understanding of the modern systems approach to business information systems
  2. Gain skills and knowledge in the latest applications of Information Technology to assume a prominent role in directing and improving the management process
  3. Learn the wide spectrum of emerging technologies, and its role as catalyst to achieve strategic and competitive advantage in the global market
  4. Contribute to and interact with internal customers at every level in an organization's structure
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of computer applications and proficiency with the managerial applications of Internet technology, including the application of management principles to business-to-consumer, business-to-business, and intrabusiness commercial ventures


Applications for admission should be filed as early as possible and at least one-month prior to the desired entrance date, to be assured consideration for admission. The admission procedure is as follows:

  1. Submit a completed Application for Admissions form accompanied by a non-refundable $75.00 application fee.  Application forms may be obtained from the Admissions Office. Checks or money orders should be made payable to California University of Business and Technology. 
  1. Official transcript(s) confirming the applicant meets the degree requirements for entrance into the program must be requested and sent directly from the prior institution(s) to the University. Applicants may be enrolled provisionally based on their statements of degree achievement, but verifying documents must be received prior to the end of their first semester, or the student will be withdrawn.
  1. Students who have completed studies at a foreign university must send their official transcripts for a detailed credential review to be evaluated for equivalency. All detailed credential reviews must be performed by a state recognized evaluation service, and the results sent directly to the University. 
  1. Students from non-English speaking countries must submit evidence of English proficiency (see ENGLISH PROFICIENCY REQUIREMENT AND PLACEMENT EXAMINATIONS section of the catalog).
  1. Sign an enrollment agreement reflecting the degree program to be attended, semester credit hours, and program costs.

Transfer credits will not be evaluated until the student has applied for admission and official transcript furnished the office of admissions.

Applications for admission will be considered by the Admission Committee in the order received.  The applicant will receive prompt written notification of acceptance or rejection of admission. An executed copy of the enrollment agreement will be provided to applicants within 10 days of acceptance. 

Instructional materials are mailed to the student when the application is accepted and tuition payment is received.  Additional materials are mailed as required to ensure the maintenance of student progress.


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