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OBJECTIVES - The master of business administration degree is designed for qualified students who are preparing for careers as professional managers and who desire an integrated program with limited concentration in one of the functional areas of business. Thus, the courses in the program concentrate on presentation of techniques which provide skills in analysis, decision-making, and effective assessment in all areas that a business manager deals with on a daily basis.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS - A bachelor's degree or the equivalent is required for admission to the Master of Business Administration Degree program. Degree candidates without certain business preparatory subjects may have to take additional undergraduate course work to satisfactorily complete the program.

Admission to the MBA program requires a total GMAT score of 475 or above for regular admission. Students scored below 475 on the GMAT, or having no such score, may be admitted on probation. Probationary admission may be changed to regular admission by maintaining a 3.0 (or B) grade point average in the first 9 hours taken for graduate credit.

Prerequisite course work includes the following courses, or their equivalents:

BA 300 Introduction to Financial Accounting
BA 360 Principles of Microeconomics
BA 410 Principles of Management
BA 420 Principles of Marketing

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS - All candidates for the master of business administration degree are required to complete a total of 36 semester units, including 30 semester unit of graduate level courses and 6 semester unites of thesis writing. Upon completion of the required units, and the thesis, students are awarded a Master of Business Administration degree.



BA 500 Current Issues in Business Law and Ethics 3
BA 510 Accounting for Decision Making 3
BA 520 Managerial Finance 3
BA 530 Quantitative Analysis in Business 3
BA 540 Strategic Management 3
BA 550 Managerial Marketing 3
BA 560 Operational Management 3
BA 595 Research and Design 3
BA 570 International Business 3
BA 590 Graduate Internship 3
BA 599 Master's Thesis 6

Upon the approval by the appropriate program director, students may pursue the program with emphasis in certain area of concentration in business administration.

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