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OBJECTIVES OF THE PROGRAM - Business administration is the study of basic knowledge and specialized skill to understand business processes and prepare to make valid business decisions.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS - The University considers applications for admission under regular status from individuals who have possessed an Associate in Arts Degree or the equivalent, with a satisfactory scholastic average from accredited schools and/or community colleges.

APPLICANTS FROM NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES: Each student enrolling in a degree at California University of Business and Technology is required to demonstrate the ability to read and write in standard English; and this applies to domestic and foreign students. Students from non-English speaking countries must submit evidence of English proficiency (see ENGLISH PROFICIENCY REQUIREMENT AND PLACEMENT EXAMINATIONS section of the catalog).

GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS PRIOR TO ADMISSION: General Education serves as the first chapter in the lifelong pursuit of learning. It gives a foundation to all academic work at California University of Business and Technology. It provides the essential core of knowledge an educated person is expected to possess and the core of critical skills necessary to use that knowledge effectively: communication, data gathering, analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and aesthetic sensitivity. It helps bridge the individual disciplines and identifies the relationships between them. Finally, General Education prepares students for in-depth study in one or more major fields of interest they select to help them meet their professional and career goals.

Applicants who have not met all of the lower division requirements (see section on Undergraduate Programs) upon application may be accepted pending on the completion of those requirements before graduation. An individual evaluation of accepted transfer credits as well as general education deficiencies will be provided by the university at the time admission is offered.

Applications for admission should be filed as early as possible within the one-month period preceding the desired entrance date, and must be accompanied by a non-refundable $100.00 application fee. Application forms may be obtained from the Admissions Office. Checks or money orders should be made payable to California University of Business and Technology.

The completed application for admission must be forwarded to the admissions office of the university with official evidence of degree completion, or course work equivalents (copy diploma or college transcripts). Those who submit applications without such documents may be enrolled provisionally based on their statements of achievement, but must provide the verifying documents within 90 days of enrollment to gain status as a regular student.

Students from non-English speaking countries must submit evidence of English proficiency (see ENGLISH PROFICIENCY REQUIREMENT AND PLACEMENT EXAMINATIONS section of the catalog).

Transfer credits will not be evaluated until the student has applied for admission and furnished the office of admissions with an official transcript.

Applications for admission will be considered by the Admission Committee in the order received. The applicant will receive prompt written notification of acceptance or rejection of admission.

Instructional materials are mailed to the student when the application is accepted and tuition payment is received. Additional materials are mailed as required to ensure the maintenance of student progress.

All candidates for bachelor's degree are required to complete a total of 120 semester units (including transfer credits accepted), in which at least 30 units are in general education, and 60 units from core curriculum, and have achieved a minimum CGPA of 2.0. At least 30 units of 120 units must be completed at this University. Upon completion of the required units and the comprehensive proctored examination or special project (BA 495), students are awarded a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

PROGRAM OF STUDY - Upper division

Junior Year, First Term Units
BA 300 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3
BA 310 Introduction to Managerial Accounting 3
BA 320 Business Law 3
BA 330 Statistics for Business and Economics 3
BA 340 Principles of Computer and Information Systems 3
Junior Year, Second Term  
BA 350 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
BA 360 Principles of Microeconomics 3
BA 370 Business Finance 3
BA 380 Junior Internship 3
BA 390 Topics Course 3
Senior Year, First Term  
BA 400 Business Ethics & Society 3
BA 410 Principles of Management 3
BA 420 Principles of Marketing 3
BA 430 Consumer Behavior 3
BA 440 Small Business Operation 3
Senior Year, Second Term  
BA 450 Financial Analysis & Forecasting 3
BA 460 Cost Accounting 3
BA 470 Strategic management & Policy 3
BA 480 Supervised Internship 3
BA 490 Research and Problem 3


For specific details regarding the program, please refer to the CUBT Catalog.

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